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Max Planck Institute of Animation Behavior, Department of Migration

Headed by Prof. Dr. Martin Wikelski and team ICARUS (Uschi Müller & team) Schäuffelhut & Berger GmbH, Movebank Babette Eid & team, MPIAB, MaxCine couchbits GmbH, Michael Quetting, MPIAB, Movebank Museum and AnimalTracker Dr. Kamran Safi, Dr. Andrea Kölzsch, Dr. Anne Scharf, MPIAB, MoveApps Carla Avolio, MPIAB, Press and Outreach Movebank Two videos, 3D animations

Abstract by Prof. Dr. Sarah Speck

Gender and family have always been important pillars in the normative ideas of radical conservatism. In recent years, gender issues have played a major role in public debate. For conservatives and the extreme right in particular, they have been of central importance. My commentary explores the reasons for this development. In order to understand why

Thinking emancipation – Introduction by Prof. Dr. Rainer Forst

Social struggles for emancipation are fought not least in the space of reasons. Indeed, it is only when notions about the “nature” of people that condemn certain groups to second- or third-class status change that societies can begin to transform. Patriarchy begins to shake when the justificatory narratives that, whether religiously or otherwise based, simultaneously