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Fernando Laposse

Pink Hammock, 2019 Hammock, woven sisal, dyed pink 200 x 400 x 100 cm Dog benches (pups), 2023 Weaven agave fibers, plywood structure Each 67 x 40 x 45 cm Totomoxtle, 2023 Polygonal multi-colored corn panels 12 m2 Agave Regeneration, 2019 Video 5:34 min Totomoxtle – Biomaterial Made from Mexican Heirloom Corn Husks, 2019 Video

P2P, 2023

Server sharing artworks by Nora Al-Badri, Simon Denny, Do Not Research, Olia Lialina, Jill Magid and Jon Rafman through the P2P file sharing network Server cage, server cabinet, rack server, file, Torrent software, internet connection, neon lights Dimensions variable Courtesy the artists and Apalazzo Gallery To view the works, please visit the website www.peer-to-peer.xyz and