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Adam Fearon

FKV_Things I Think I Want_Adam Fearon_Paravents_installationview_2.jpg

Paravents, 2017 Installation with the works Prompt, 2016 and Gyricon, 2015 flatscreens, aluminium, paper Prompt, 2016 Video, 12:56 min Gyricon, 2015 E-Book (artist publication), Kindle E-Reader and video 10 min Courtesy the artist Adam Fearon developed a site-specific spatial installation that combined the filmic works Prompt (2015) and Gyricon (2016) with sculptural structures. Fearon used

Jonas Englert

FKV_Things I Think I Want_Jonas Englert_Zoon Politikon_installationview_3.jpg

Zoon Politikon, 2014 (work in progress) 7 channel video installation each 50 min Courtesy Galerie Anita Beckers In his ongoing long-term project Zoon Politikon, a multi-channel video installation, Jonas Englert presented personalities from politics, science and art who have initiated, and helped shape the history of, social upheavals and revolutions in Frankfurt and Germany. In

Aleksandar Radan

FKV_Things I Think I Want_Aleksandar Radan_In Between Identities_installationview.jpg

Prophezeiung eines lächerlichen Avatars (Prophecy of a ridiculous avatar), 2017 Rotoscopy (3D Animation), HD Film 5 min In Between Identities, 2015 Game Modding (GTA 5), HD Film 8:50 min Courtesy the artist Aleksandar Radan describes himself as a filmmaker in search of innovative forms of filmic work. His works move between animation and documentary film,

Hannah Levy

FKV_Things I Think I Want_Hannah Levy_installationview_1.jpg

Untitled, 2015 Cast plastic Venus Embrace razor holders, silicone Dimensions variable (75 m silicone chain) Untitled, 2016 Steel, thermoplastic, silicone, plastic tub 63.50 x 111.80 x 91.40 cm Untitled, 2016 Steel, epoxy clay, acrylic, silicone, plastic tub 63.50 x 111.80 x 91.44 cm Untitled, 2016 Nickel plated steel, silicone, hand carved alabaster 182.90 x 63.50

David Schiesser

FKV_Things I Think I Want_David Schiesser_Miguletz.jpg

Icon Flex: Non-Permanent Templates, 2017 Digital print on Forex, adhesive film and wallpaper, acrylic paint Dimensions variable Courtesy the artist David Schiesser covered the façade of the Frankfurter Kunstverein with a site-specific wall installation, which he collaged with reduced graphic drawings from the art of tattooing and photographs of tattooed bodies. The work extended from