NSA/GCHQ Surveillance Base
Gewinner Eagle-Eye Photo Contest
Trevor Paglen, NSA/GCHQ Surveillance Base, 2014, Trevor Paglen, “NSA/GCHQ Surveillance Base, Bude, Cornwall, UK”, 2014; © the artist , © the artist
Florian Freier, "Cached Landscapes / Objects of Surveillance (#3 - Wiesbaden Mainz Finthen)", 2015; © the artist
Kerstin Matijasevic, "AMERIKA (Consolidated Intelligence Center Wiesbaden)", 2015; © the artist
Alessandra Schellnegger, "BND Pullach", 2013; © the artist
Dieter Schwer, "The Cams I Pass (Me at Friedensbrücke)", 2015; © the artist
Julian Slagman, "6000 (BND 1)", 2015; © the artist
Gewinner Eagle-Eye Photo Contest, Winners and Jury Eagle-Eye Photo Contest; Photo: Uwe Dettmer


Eagle-Eye Photo Contest Winning Entries

Trevor Paglen and a jury of experts (Franziska Nori, Ditmar Schädel, Nils Bremer, and Luminita Sabau) have selected the photo competition’s five best entries.

The five winners are Florian Freier, Kerstin Matijasevic, Alessandra Schnellnegger, Dieter Schwer and Julian Slagman. Trevor Paglen presented the winners with a certificate at 8.30 pm at the opening reception (June 19, 2015). The photographs were featured in the exhibition Trevor Paglen: The Octopus.

The jurors based their decisions on criteria that included the success of the approach to the topic „Landscapes of Surveillance“ and the aesthetic quality of the photography submitted. Furthermore, the jurors took the technical and formal execution of the projects and the research conducted in their preliminary stages into consideration.

The different artistic approaches with which the participants individually addressed the topic ultimately convinced the jury to honor five entries instead of three. Because of wide reception among international participants and the high quality of the submissions, the Frankfurter Kunstverein, together with the jury, has decided to present all of the other entries in a dossier in the exhibition.

Trevor Paglen: The Octopus

20.06. — 30.08.2015 | Exhibition

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