Artist talk with Francesca Banchelli


Born in Italy, Francesca Banchelli (*1981) completed her bachelor degree at the Art Academy of Florence before moving to London in 2009 to further her studies in the masters program at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Her multi-faceted mode of working is striking. In addition to drawing, she also works with video, performance, installation, and sculpture.

For her time in Frankfurt, Banchelli has planned a performance, the title of which, “The Sunshine Vineyard (Our ideal Revolutionary Storm),” reflects a fantastical war scenario on the banks of the Main: In the light of the sunset thirty actors produce large clouds of smoke, the sounds of bombs and sirens. The camera team following the action doubles the perspective. The staging is also always geared towards the camera in the moment of action.

Banchelli is concerned with the merging of and fissures between the individual and the collective, spontaneity and art actions planned in detail, improvisation and conscious acting in front of the camera. Her work focuses on the instant when an incredibly complex issue is activated as an event.

The video “The Sunshine Vineyard (Our ideal Revolutionary Storm)” has been shown as part of the artist talk.