Artist Talk: YRD.Works


The artist collective YRD.Works consists of Yacin Boudalfa (*1987), David Bausch (*1988) and Ruben Fischer (*1987). They create temporary spaces, short-term places of encounter, by constructing architectures that incorporate the artificial and ephemeral as essential parts of their aesthetic. For the exhibition at Frankfurter Kunstverein, the collective develops a performative spatial intervention that visitors can experience physically. YRD.Works work on the house’s largest exhibition space, reproducing the White Cube by replicating its structure, distorting and overlapping its walls. The thus created space within the space reveals sculptural qualities while at the same time its disassembled structure can be entered and experienced.

In the artist talk, the audience can get into conversation with the artists about their works and artistic practices. The event is part of the accompanying programme of the exhibition “Things I Think I Want – Six Positions of Contemporary Art.”

Fee: 4€ (plus admission)