Counter-forensics: Motivation and Methods of Forensic Architecture
Public guided tour

21.08.2022, 14:00

through the exhibition Three Doors – Forensic Architecture/Forensis, Initiative 19. Februar Hanau, Initiative in Gedenken an Oury Jalloh with Paula Maß

Forensic examinations serve to determine the course of events, to clarify criminal offences in court and are usually carried out on behalf of public prosecutors, courts and police departments. Most of the time, the results are withheld from the general public. The collective research work of Forensic Architecture is commissioned by civilian victims and citizens’ initiatives, NGOs and independent associations. The results are used as evidence in court proceedings, for example to investigate human rights violations, ecocide, state-racist and corporate violence. They refer to their work as counter-forensics. At the same time, this evidence is deliberately presented in cultural institutions – such as the Frankfurter Kunstverein – and thus made accessible to the public.

This difference in the presentation formats of Forensic Architecture may seem surprising at first glance. The guided tour will discuss the following questions on the basis of selected investigations: Are Forensic Architecture’s investigative works art or legally usable evidence? What are the methods of the innovative counter-forensic approach? What is the motivation behind Forensic Architecture’s work?

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The guided tour costs 3 € plus admission fee and takes place in German, guided tours in foreign languages on request.