Opening: Things I Think I Want. Six Positions of Contemporary Art


Frankfurter Kunstverein presents a group exhibition of internationally emerging young artists from the Rhein-Main region: Jonas Englert, Adam Fearon, Hannah Levy, Aleksandar Radan, David Schiesser und YRD.Works.
Curated by: Franziska Nori (Frankfurter Kunstverein) und Christiane Cuticchio (Atelier Goldstein).

To demonstrate the diversity of today’s artistic practices and to draw a picture of the contemporary art scene, the exhibition presents works ranging from painting, video and photography to sculpture and installation. In their entirely different approaches regarding both form and content, the artists come across the common themes of the body and physicality. They all seem to question the significance of the individual’s physical presence in a time that increasingly relocates social interaction to the digital realm. At the same time the positions are conjoined by their investigation of habitual image concepts as well as the experimentation with alternative view points and perspectives.

Speakers: Ina Hartwig (City Councillor for Cultural Affairs), Peter Gatzemeier (Dr. Marschner Stiftung), Christiane Cuticchio (Atelier Goldstein) and Franziska Nori (Frankfurter Kunstverein).

The exhibition is supported by Dr. Marschner Stiftung and Nordisk Büro.