Special Tour – Bamboo in Botany and Art


with Dr. Ulrike Brunken and Miriam Bettin

Bamboo’s usefulness is as varied as its forms of appearance: bamboo is a construction material, edible, a commodity, a raw material and a source of energy, not to mention bamboo’s significant symbolic meaning in Asian culture and its recurrence as a material and motif in Asian art. In this two-part special guided tour, Bamboo’s multifarious qualities have been discovered. In the bamboo grove at the Palmengarten, Dr. Ulrike Brunken has taken us inside the world of this fascinating plant family. The ensuing tour under Miriam Bettin’s guidance took us to the Frankfurter Kunstverein, where Indonesian artist Joko Avianto has built a stunning bamboo installation for the building’s façade. His installation was part of the group show “Roots. Indonesian Contemporary Art.”

The event has been organized in cooperation with the Palmengarten and the Frankfurter Kunstverein on the occasion of the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair and Indonesia’s appearance as Guest of Honour.

Meeting point: Palmengarten, Siesmayerstraße entrance (Siesmayerstraße 63)
15 € per person, tickets available for advance purchase. (Limited number of participants.)