Great Value (IV)


With Manfred Brocker, Alice Creischer, Bas van de Geyn, Lars Bang Larsen, Sighard Neckel, Kerstin Stakemeier (Moderation)


12 Uhr – Lars Bang Larsen
What do we indicate about our own political systems and cultural values when we accuse the Other of being fundamentalist? How do we re-establish the imaginaries and in-between levels in everyday life that have been eradicated in struggles defined by »either with us or against us«? With examples from the exhibition Fundamentalisms of the New Order (Charlottenborg, Copenhagen 2002), Larsen will discuss these questions, and the possibilities and limits of artistic and curatorial involvement in them.

13 Uhr – Alice Creischer

14:30 Uhr – Sighard Neckel: “Leistung und Erfolg: Zur Kultur der Marktgesellschaft”

15:30 Uhr – Bas van de Geyn: “Watch out! Creative city Amsterdam”
The economic rat race between contemporary Western cities is about the chase for the cultural producer. In a globalised economy the only way to create economic gain is to design the seduction. Creative industries and creativity have become the key words, so the main question for cities is how to seduce the seducers? In the words of Richard Florida you have to create a creative environment, the city of Amsterdam is doing so by urban regeneration. A goal of urban regeneration is to create a risk-free environment for the creative class. Artists start to play a key role in economic growth and in urban restructuring. Many Dutch art subsidies are nowadays related to urban restructuring projects. In these commissions the artist should not only make art, but also create social cohesion or a tolerant environment, issues that perfectly fit in the neo-conservative agenda. How do artists position themselves within this ambiguous situation?

16:30 Uhr – Manfred Brocker: “Kulturkampf in »God¹s Own Country«? Die zeitgenoessische Wertedebatte in den USA”

17:30 Uhr – Panel Discussion
with Manfred Brocker, Alice Creischer, Bas van de Geyn, Lars Bang Larsen, Sighard Neckel, Moderation: Kerstin Stakemeier

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