Node 10. abstract Abstrakt – The Systemized World

16.11.2010 — 20.11.2010

Opening: November 15, 2010, 6 pm

“NODE10 – Forum for Digital Arts” was an event organized by NODE – Verein zur Förderung digitaler Kultur in cooperation with Frankfurter Kunstverein and the vvvv group. It featured an extensive festival program consisting of, among others, exhibitions, workshops and a symposium and has been hosted by Frankfurter Kunstverein, the main venue, and MA* / former Diamond Bourse Frankfurt from November 15 through 20, 2010. The objective of this intermedial forum was the exchange of art, design and technology across boundaries by the means of digital and interactive media. This year’s event focused on examining the cultural consequences of our post-industrial technology-oriented society.

The core of the event has been workshops which were prepared by the vvvv group in cooperation with both local and international designers and programmers. They ranged from extensive multi-day courses culminating in performances and installations, to shorter seminars focussing on basic as well as advanced skills of the visual programming language vvvv.

Parallel to this the exhibition “abstrakt Abstrakt – The Systemized World” featured works of artists which aim to visualize the changing conditions of production in an abstract world. While the displayed works has been both analogue and digital, a shared systemic nature and means of translation from one medium to another has been evident – revealing the nature and effect of systems of abstractions: Photos of control centers, flow charts as classification systems of our environment, sculptures as results of a creative man-machine-symbiosis.

Selected submissions of young artists and designers has been shown at the former Diamond Bourse in a second exhibition titled “NODE Deluxe”. The works served as an overview of the creative mix of technology and design.

At the Café im Kunstverein visitors came together in the evenings to enjoy audiovisual performances as well as “Patcher Kucha” talks that served as a platform for visitors to showcase their own work. Complementing the exhibition, November 20 has been a full day of lectures where artists and scientists of various disciplines discussed systems of abstractions and their social relevance. A subsequent symposium allowed the audience to participate in a discussion with the speakers.

“NODE10 – Forum for Digital Arts” was realized in partnership by MESO and satis&fy.

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