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Walter R. Tschinkel

Six architectures of ant nests of different species Camponotus socius, Pogonomyrmex badius, Trachymyrmex septentrionalis, Formica Dolosa, Pheidole morrisi, Cyphomyrmex rimosus Tin casting Various sizes Courtesy Walter R. Tschinkel Walter R. Tschinkel is a US biologist who conducts research in the field of sociobiology and behavioral ecology of social insects, particularly ants. Tschinkel’s decades of work

Zoo Frankfurt

Exhibit developed by Dr. Johannes Köhler Colony of atta leaf cutter ants System of tubes and cubes with ants, food chambers, waste chambers Various sizes Courtesy Dr. Johannes Köhler, Zoo Frankfurt Thanks to a collaboration with Frankfurt Zoo, the Frankfurter Kunstverein presents a colony of leafcutter ants that will inhabit the exhibition rooms for the