Eric van Hove: Atchilihtallah – On the Transformation of Things

11.11.2016 — 12.02.2017

Opening: Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 7 pm

Frankfurter Kunstverein will present the first great institutional exhibition of Belgian/Algerian artist Eric van Hove in Germany.

The exhibition will include a selection of his most central works, in addition to some pieces especially developed for the show at Frankfurter Kunstverein. In his sculptures, films and long-term projects Eric van Hove merges Conceptual Art, socio-political research, activism and approaches to alternative economy. Central to his work is the investigation of the transformation of economic processes and the dualities between global economy and local production as well as of manufacture and industrial fabrication.

Beside the presentation of large-scale exhibits, one of the exhibition spaces will be transformed into a functional and publicly accessible garage. Here van Hove and his assistants, ten mechanics and artisans from different fields, will temporarily relocate their Marrakech studio to the building of the Kunstverein, to continue work on their current project. The “Mahjouba II” is a manufactured electric motorcycle, which will be developed and built in cooperation with experts and enthusiasts of engineering, craftsmanship and design from Frankfurt. A previous prototype, “Mahjouba I”, will also be showcased in the exhibition.

Eric van Hove invents forms of production and product development that incorporate traditional artisanal skills and techniques as well as digital technologies. The employed materials, resources and technologies, such as 3D-printing or solar energy, are intended to support local and alternative economy. The open and collaborative workshop is an invitation to citizens and visitors of Frankfurter Kunstverein to actively participate in the work process.

Curator: Franziska Nori (director, Frankfurter Kunstverein)

We thank the German Embassy Rabat, Morocco and the Goethe Institute, Rabat, Morocco for their support.