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Bending the Curve – an introduction by Franziska Nori (Co-Creation Art)

Bending the Curve – Knowing, Acting, Caring for Biodiversity Co-Kreation Kunst: Franziska Nori WHY CO-CREATIONS? Bending the Curve is the latest in a series of exhibitions (Trees of Life – Stories for a Damaged Planet 2019/2020, The Intelligence of Plants 2021/2022) in which the Frankfurt Kunstverein collaborates with international natural science research institutes and contemporary

Fernando Laposse

Pink Hammock, 2019 Hammock, woven sisal, dyed pink 200 x 400 x 100 cm Dog benches (pups), 2023 Weaven agave fibers, plywood structure Each 67 x 40 x 45 cm Totomoxtle, 2023 Polygonal multi-colored corn panels 12 m2 Agave Regeneration, 2019 Video 5:34 min Totomoxtle – Biomaterial Made from Mexican Heirloom Corn Husks, 2019 Video

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Pollinator Pathmaker: AfyLbwTriWhuR7PDkd77LZ (Pollinator Vision, Late Spring) Pollinator Pathmaker: ARr77zvQW8Bq8q6hgDHUmp (Pollinator Vision, Late Summer) Pollinator Pathmaker: AfyLbwTriWhuR7PDkd77LZ (Pollinator Vision, Late Summer)  Pollinator Pathmaker: iFADDiPqc5HU3KiFxjBEuG (Pollinator Vision, Early Summer) Pollinator Pathmaker: AfyLbwTriWhuR7PDkd77LZ (Pollinator Vision, Midsummer), 2023 Five pigment prints on Baryta paper with landscape creations made with the software Pollinator Pathmaker Each 203 x 125 cm

MYRIAD. Where we connect.

MYRIAD. Where we connect. is a project of Interactive Media Foundation and Filmtank, in co-creation with Miiqo Studios, Context Film and Artificial Rome MYRIAD. Installation, 2023 Fourteen modules, five seating blocks, two seating benches made of wood, Resysta, Ytong, coated with coloured concrete Various sizes Interactive projection mapping on three carbon modules, floor projection, reactive

Up Next, 2023

Video installation, raised floor like in data centers 24:04 min Courtesy the artists and Apalazzo Gallery The Frankfurter Kunstverein is premiering Eva & Franco Mattes’ new video work, Up Next. This piece takes as its subject the fate of Fatemeh Khishvand (*2001, Tehran, Iran), who became known as Sahar Tabar on Instagram. Her story turned

Abuse Standards Violations, 2016, 2018, 2021

Wall mounted Plexiglas panels with content moderation guidelines UV print on plexiglass, various insulation materials, spacers, screws 100 x 100 cm / 150 x 100 cm Courtesy the artists and Apalazzo Gallery The presentation of The Bots is added to by the nine-part work Abuse Standards Violations, which marks the beginning of Eva and Franco

The Bots, 2020

Video installation Actors and actresses: Irina Cocimarov, Jesse Hoffman, Jake Levy, Alexandra Marzella, Ruby McCollister, Bobbi Salvör Menuez Six customised OKA desks, monitors, videos, headphones, cables Dimensions and length variable Courtesy the artists and Apalazzo Gallery For The Bots, Eva & Franco Mattes collaborated with investigative journalist Adrian Chen and actors and actresses Irina Cocimarov,