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Momu & No Es

Lucía Moreno (*1982, Basel, CH) & Eva Noguera (*1979, Barcelona, ES) Calvary Chapel, 2022 Installation on glass Variable size Courtesy the artists A moral tale Momu & No Es have been an artistic duo since 2004. They work between Rotterdam, Barcelona and Madrid. Combining video, scenography and performance, their projects are populated with objects and

Fito Conesa

Helicon, 2018 Video 6 min Courtesy Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) An invocation of the apocalypse To invoke is to voice an incantation or a plea for help, for a favour or protection, to a higher force. Helicon is an invocation: a brass band, composed of seven members of different ages playing a melody

Chenta Tsai aka Putochinomaricón

áfóñg, 2022 Mixed digital media Courtesy the artist Delving into the subject of representation through the medium of an audiovisual mixtape, the work is structured under 8 themes: íntró (éstádó cónstánté dé críngé) síndrómé dél ímpóstór / nó mérécé lá péná / párá nó dár péná ántifáz káwáíí / nárrátívá ámóré (ábró híló – té

María Alcaide

Carne de mi carne: Piel, 2021 Video installation Director, production, script: María Alcaide Performers: Lepen Alcaide, Antonio Alcaide, Alicia Alcaide, Nieves G. Alcaide, Blas Alcaide, José A. Alcaide; with the collaboration of María Martín, medical specialist 12:46 min Courtesy the artist soo fat, 2021 Sculpted foam seats covered with silicone, hand cut by the artist

Andrea Muniáin

DILSS. Digital Intercontinental Large Supermarkets, 2022 Printed PVC tarpaulin, glass, paper, wood, glitter Variable size Courtesy the artist A hyper-realistic tale The artist Andrea Muniáin is a trained architect and researcher. Her recent work focuses on the development of prototypes, which she calls ‘bodyscapes’. By means of walk-in sceneries that allow viewers to become part

El Palomar

Mariokissme (Mario Páez, *1980, Campillos, Málaga, ES) R. Marcos Mota (Rafa Marcos, *1988, Tarragona, ES) Schreber is a Woman, 2020 4K video transferred to HD 2-Channel synchronised projection Colour, stereo, 30 min Installation, variable dimensions Courtesy the artists Rewritten memories of a sick society El Palomar is an expanded art project, directed by Mariokissme and