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P2P, 2023

Server sharing artworks by Nora Al-Badri, Simon Denny, Do Not Research, Olia Lialina, Jill Magid and Jon Rafman through the P2P file sharing network Server cage, server cabinet, rack server, file, Torrent software, internet connection, neon lights Dimensions variable Courtesy the artists and Apalazzo Gallery To view the works, please visit the website www.peer-to-peer.xyz and

BEFNOED, 2013 (ongoing)

Video installation Five videos, monitors, customized wall brackets, cables Dimensions and duration variable Courtesy the artists and Apalazzo Gallery BEFNOED is the title of an ongoing series of videos that Eva & Franco Mattes have been producing since 2013. These short films are published online, on obscure, peripheral or forgotten social networks around the world,

Nassim L’Ghoul

Zwei Schritte vor, ein Schritt zurück, 2023 Three-channel-video installation 3D animation and machine learning algorythms 05:44 min Sound Phil Hoffart Courtesy the artist Nassim L’Ghoul works with 3D animation to generate digital images that he creates individually for his films. L’Ghoul has produced a new three-channel work for the Frankfurter Kunstverein. His moving images unfold

Julien Prévieux – Where is My (Deep) Mind?

2019 HD video, 14:59 min Supported by Fondation des Artistes and Seine-Saint-Denis Department, Lab’Bel and General Pop Courtesy the artist Julien Prévieux (*1974) explores the visualization and functionality of AI technologies, and the principles of machine learning. In the video “Where Is My (Deep) Mind?” Previeux translates invisible digital processes into human actions that are

Tega Brain, Julian Oliver & Bengt Sjölén – Asunder

2019 Three channel video-projection, satellite imagery, CESM climate model, multi-processor computer and custom software Courtesy the artists These three artists work as a collective. Tega Brain is an artist and environmental engineer who combines art, ecology and engineering in her work. Julian Oliver works on open source projects to preserve privacy, critically investigating technologies. Oliver

Fito Segrera

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Fito Segrera.jpg

1 & N Chairs, 2017 Wooden chair, monitors, camera, cognitive computation engine, custom software dimensions variable Courtesy of the artist Fito Segrera’s work 1 & N Chairs consists of four elements: a wooden chair, two monitors, and a camera. The camera records the chair, zooming into certain areas and photographing a small fragment of the

Shinseungback Kimyonghun

Flower 01-03, 2016-17 3-channel video installation, Google Cloud Vision API, custom software 7:54 min Courtesy of the artists Shinseungback Kimyonghun’s video installation Flower is based on the eponymous motif. The initial image is split up according to a polygon grid and distorted. The system then pauses to evaluate the resultant image using an image recognition

Oscar Sharp with Ross Goodwin & Benjamin

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Oscar Sharp mit Ross Goodwin & Benjamin.jpg

Sunspring, 2017 Video, 9:02 min Courtesy of the artist Sunspring is a short science fiction film by Oscar Sharp, Ross Goodwin & Benjamin. Its script is probably the first one to be written entirely by an artificial intelligence. Ross Goodwin developed a neural network with long short-term memory abilities (these are often used to analyse

Noomi Ljungdell

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Noomi Ljungdell.jpg

House, 2009 Print on wall paper 396 x 215 cm Courtesy of the artist As starting point for the work House served a photograph taken by Noomi Ljungdell. It shows a house in winter: lined with spruces, the ground is covered in snow and gravel. The artist deconstructed the image into individual elements. She then

Adam Harvey

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Adam Harvey.jpg

CV Dazzle, 2010-17 Video: Look 5 (2014), 3:23 min Prints, each 51 x 51 cm Courtesy of the artist Adam Harvey’s project CV Dazzle offers styling advice that helps one to avoid automatic recognition by various identification systems. Facial recognition algorithms are trained by being fed with thousands of images of faces whose distinguishing features

Jake Elwes

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Jake Elwes.jpg

Machine Learning Porn, 2016 Video, 12 min Courtesy of the artist Jake Elwes is presenting the video Machine learning porn, which is entirely synthetically produced by a convolutional neural network. The AI is trained by showing it thousands of images with pornographic content. The training set was taken from Yahoo and usually served to help

Dries Depoorter

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Segrera_Depoorter_Paglen.jpg

Surveillance Paparazzi, 2018 Acrylic glass box, engraved, with LED, wires and monitors 100 x 50 x 10 cm Courtesy of the artist Dries Depoorter’s Surveillance Paparazzi thematises the phenomenon of global surveillance in public space. The work taps into various surveillance cameras worldwide that record and transmit unencrypted images. It was possible to hack into

Jerry Galle

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Jerry Galle_2.jpg

The Thing That Isn’t, 2016 Electronics, software and drawings Dimensions variable Courtesy of the artist The Thing That Isn’t by Jerry Galle combines a word-processing system with a drawing robot. The work is controlled by two computers, which use electronic components to manoeuvre the drawing arm and broadcast spoken sentences out of the speakers. The

Esther Hovers

False Positives: Overview A – Timeframe: 04‘ 26”, 2015-16 False Positives: Overview H – Timeframe: 02’ 13”, 2015-16 False Positives: Overview I – Timeframe: 05’ 42”, 2015-16 C-Prints, each 130 x 97,51 cm Courtesy of the artist Esther Hovers’ work False Positives thematises the systems underlying so-called smart cameras. These cameras not only record their

Yunchul Kim

Yunchul Kim, Self_Portrait.jpg, 2003

Self_portrait.jpg, 2003 Ink on paper, 77,5 x 130 cm Courtesy of Anthony Moore The drawing Self_portrait.jpg consists of 58,806 text characters. These have been manually transferred onto fine Japanese paper with ink. The letters, numbers, and special characters (ASCII-Code) represent an image in jpg format. When the digital equivalent of these characters are read by

Gregor Kuschmirz

Schüchterne Kamera, 2007/2013 Code and electronics, external monitor A camera’s function is to record its environment while being directed at a specific target. If the camera is mobile, then it follows the target object. Gregor Kuschmirz’ Shy Camera behaves differently. It turns away, avoiding the gazes of the people around it. It uses freely available

Trevor Paglen

Adversarially Evolved Hallucination: A Man (Corpus: The Humans), 2017 Adversarially Evolved Hallucination: Porn (Corpus: The Humans), 2017 Adversarially Evolved Hallucination: Vampire (Corpus: Monsters of Capitalism), 2017 Dye-sublimation metal print each 121,9 x 152,4 cm Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures, New York Behold these Glorious Times!, 2017 Video projection, 10 min Courtesy of the

Zach Blas & Jemima Wyman

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Blas_Wyman_1.jpg

im here to learn so :)))))), 2017 4-channel video installation 27:32 min Courtesy of the artists Zach Blas and Jemima Wyman are presenting the 4-channel video installation im here to learn so :)))))). In the installation, they reflect on the story of the chatbot Tay, a learning system from Microsoft that garnered widespread attention in